Sustainable Wine Growing

sustainable wine growingRead the Industry Sustainability Policy.


Maimai Creek was one of the 25 pioneering vineyards that the NZ wine industry carried out research work on in 1995 to develope an integrated mangement program that was the fore runner to what is todays Sustainable Winegrowing programe.  We continue to be active researchers and appliers of sustainable practices in all areas of our management and are proud to display the sustainable logo and signs in and around our vineyards.

The commitment to such a management style has many benefits for us and involves all of the staff as well as our down stream partners in the distribution and marketing areas of our business.

Sustainability is not restricted to our environmental policy but includes both the economic and social aspects of our business. All staff including seasonal staff are properly trained and guided in their daily tasks and compensated accordingly.  Maimai Creek Wines are commited to treating our people with respect.

sustainable wine growingAll of the practices that we perform must add value to the end product and be justifiable, accountable, recorded and then finally examined for the outcome. There is no point in changing ones practice if it means a compromise in quality and quality of our end product -wine in the bottle- is our prime focus.


Avoiding depletion of natural resources (OED)
Therefore by def SWNZ is about growing grapes and producing wine without depleting natural resources.


Meeting the needs of today without adversely affecting the needs of tomorrow.

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