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Stirling VineyardStirling Vineyard

The Stirling vineyard comprises 16.5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and is located near Meeanee, a small settlement near the coast between Napier and Hastings. Planting of the Stirling vineyard began in spring of 1994 and was completed the following year. The young vines were nurtured and trained and the first vintage was eagerly anticipated in 1996.

Stirling VineyardSauvignon Blanc is a grape variety that thrives in this vineyard and produces fruit that expresses a wide range of tropical flavours including passionfruit and pineapple. Many styles of Sauvignon Blanc have been made over the years with grapes from this block ranging from simple fruit driven styles through to wines with more complexity and contribution from individual winemakers.

Vines from this block have continued to produce annual vintages between 10 and 12 tonnes per hectare for the past decade. We named this vineyard the Stirling Vineyard after the town in Scotland where our forefathers originated.

Sally's Field Vineyard

Sally's Field VineyardThe Sally’s Field vineyard is a 22 ha block which we purchased in 2000 and is 25 kms to the west and further inland from our Stirling and Elgin coastal vineyards. Sally's Field is in an area with soils and a microclimate that is regarded among the best in New Zealand for growing of red Bordeaux and Rhone varieties as well as Chardonnay.

The soils are comprised of sandy loams on gravel and are free draining, requiring irrigation during the dry, hot summer months. Temperatures in this inland site during the ripening part of the season are also up to 10 C higher than other areas and are therefore more conducive to ripening of varieties that originate in warmer climates.

Sally's Field VineyardOur Sally’s Field vineyard is presently planted with: 4 ha of Chardonnay, 5ha Merlot, 3 ha Syrah and 1 ha Malbec. We have plans to further expand our plantings on this site to include Pinot Gris which is a variety that we see to have a great deal of potential for in this area.

Although warmer in the summer this site is cooler in the winter than our other vineyards and we are therefore required to protect the vines from frosts that can sometimes wreck havoc among vineyards in this area. Occasional frosts during periods when frosts are most unwelcome, means all vineyards in the area employ anti-frost protection of some type. Sally's Field vineyard utilises water, dispensed as a fine mist during times of frosts, which in turn freezes over exposed buds and protects them from the damage caused by severe frosting.

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