Grape Growing Practises

“Good wines are made in the vineyard”

How many times have we heard that! But it is true. No matter how good the winemaker is they cannot make good wine out of poor or average grapes, they can only extract the best from the fruit that is at their disposal and the quality of the fruit is determined by environment and management of the vineyard in which it is grown.

We put a great deal of effort into the management of our vineyards with the aim to produce the best possible fruit that we can for the wine styles that we are making.

From the beginning of the season - mid winter -  when we prune the vines, through to the flowering and management of the canopies in the growing part of the season, to the ripening of the bunches after veraison, we monitor the vines for disease and insects, count the flowers and bunches, calculate the yield to ensure that we are not over cropped and test the ripening berries for sugar and acid levels to be sure that when the harvest begins the winemaker will be presented with the opportunity to produce a wine that is greater than the sum of all the parts that go up to making the whole.

All efforts are made in the vineyard to ensure that each individual parcel meets the requirements of the winemakers with regard to the individual styles that we are making.

Grape Growing Practices

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